Nutramax Dasuquin
Joint Health Supplement


  • One of the few supplements that actually seems to work very well when it comes to helping older dogs with arthritis and other joint problems to become comfortable and mobile again on a regular basis.
  • ASU from avocados and soybeans help increase the effects of the other joint support ingredients
  • Large number of customers notice a significant positive response within a matter of weeks after starting their dog on it
  • Formulated for both large dogs (over 60 lbs.) and small/medium dogs (under 60 lbs.)
  • Easy to administer to dogs by either the chewable tablets or soft chews
  • Perfect for dogs with an early need for joint support as well as pets suffering from arthritis and other forms of joint pain.


  • High Quality, Researched Ingredients
  • Recommended by Veterinarians
  • Comprehensive Joint Health Support
  • Not all dogs respond well to it
  • Price


Although it is a bit pricey, it really seems Nutramax has put their money where their mouth is in creating this supplement.

We really like how much testing has gone into this product through clinical tests and the sheer number of positive dog owner reviews.

You can find supplements that are a lot cheaper, but we doubt you’ll find them to work better than Dasuquin for your dog’s joint pain.

Nutramax Dasuquin for Dogs with MSM Review

Dasuquin is one of the few supplements that have been recommended by vets and seems to work extremely well for older dogs with arthritis issues and other dogs with joint issues to be able to get mobile and comfortable again.

While you will be able to find tons of different joint supplements on the market today, Dasuquin leads the way and has helped a lot of pet owners who have been searching for a way to give their dog relief from joint pain.

The side-effects of this supplement seem to be minimal, and its efficacy appears significant to say the least. This review covers all of these aspects and more to help you get the complete picture of Dasuquin.

*Dasuquin is available for both small dogs and large dogs, determined by your dog’s weight.

What is Dasuquin?

Dasuquin is a supplement that promotes healthy joints in dogs and is a dual synergistic formula. This formula consists of all natural components that can be highly beneficial to older dogs with joint pain and immobility issues.

Because the formula that is used to make Dasuquin is completely natural, you will not have to worry about any harmful chemicals going into the body of your pet.

This particular supplement has had 10 years of clinical use as well as an extended period of time for research.

Types of Dasuquin

There are a number of different types of Dasuquin, some of which are designed to benefit cats while others are meant for dogs. The difference between these two types of the supplement is the ingredients they are made with.

It is important to select the correct type of this supplement when buying it for a pet so it will be as effective as possible. Dasuquin is available as chewable tablets and soft chews depending on which one your dog takes better.

Chewable Tablets


Dasuquin comes is available in the form of chewable tablets that your pet will be able to consume without any issues whatsoever. Many dog owners decide to give their pets the chewable kind because it is easy for them to eat with their regular food.

If your dog has a problem taking medication, the chewable kind might be the way to go.

These tablets are very delicious for dogs can be easily chewed up and consumed without any problems whatsoever, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will be able to eat them.

Soft Chews


Dasuquin soft chews are particularly ideal for animals that have issues with taking the regular chewable tablets.

These tablets can be easily chewed up and swallowed so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your pet will have any problem taking them.

If you have a smaller dog, it is highly recommended that you give it the soft chews so they can consume them without having to struggle at all.

How it Works

Dasuquin is made with ASU, which stands for avocado/soybean unsaponifiables, which is an ingredient that comes from avocados and soybeans to promote good joint health.

ASU has proven to improve both joint function as well as the comfort level of dogs with arthritis and other problems that affect the joints.

There have been studies involving ASU that have demonstrated its ability to lower the production of numerous compounds that are involved in the breaking down of cartilage in dogs over time. ASU works together to create positive effects with all of the other active ingredients in Dasuquin.

The glucosamine that is in these supplements is synergistic with low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate, which means that it works together with ASU very well to ease joint pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Dasuquin

There are a number of benefits associated with Dasuquin, including its ability to relieve the pain and discomfort that can come with arthritis. As a dog gets older its joints and cartilage are worn down from constant use, similar to humans.

This particular supplement has been proven to get results when it comes to increasing the comfort level and mobility of dogs with mild to severe joint pain.

  • #1 Recommended Brand by Vets
  • Helps relieve joint pain and discomfort
  • Easy to administer to your dog
  • Over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon

While joint pain can be very mild and almost unnoticeable in certain dogs, it can be almost crippling for others. If you have a dog that is in constant pain because of joint problems, Dasuquin is a supplement that can help.

A vast majority of people who give this supplement to their dogs notice a significant positive response within a matter of weeks after starting them on it.

While not all dogs will respond the same way to this supplement, many have benefited from it with decreased pain and increased mobility.

While there may never be a way to fully restore mobility in dogs that have severe arthritis, these supplements can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to helping to reduce discomfort and promote mobility, even in older dogs.

Many veterinarians highly recommend that some of their patients with dogs that have mild to severe joint pain start them on Dasuquin because of how well it has been known to work for many of these animals.

Even though many people do not like having to pay a lot for a bottle of medication for their dogs, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long term because you won’t have to take your pet to the vet as much. This means that this supplement can benefit both dogs and their owners alike.

Possible Side Effects

Dasuquin is a very effective as well as safe supplement to give dogs. A safety study of this supplement found there to be absolutely no negative side-effects.

While some dogs who have taken this supplement experienced mild gastrointestinal upset, such as the kind that occurs when switching your pet to another food, no other side-effects have been observed.

It is important to keep in mind that every dog is different and therefore these animals may not all react the same way to Dasuquin.

While it is true that this supplement has been approved for both cats and dogs, there are a number of factors that will determine how your pet reacts to it.

Certain side-effects may occur as a result of an unknown pet allergy or misusing the supplement, but so far all studies and research has indicated that it is very safe to give dogs. And while this supplement has been known to cause certain gastrointestinal problems in certain dogs, this is the extent of the side-effects.

Pros & Cons

Just like with any other type of supplement, there are both pros and cons associated with this one. Many people have found that the pros of this supplement greatly outweigh the cons because of the comfort and pain relief that it provides many dogs with joint problems. A lot of dog owners have found that their pets’ overall mobility increases after taking this supplement for a while. If your dog has become unable to run around and play like it used to, Dasuquin could make a big difference.

When it comes to the cons of Dasuquin, not all dogs respond well to it. Some dogs that have severe, crippling arthritis may not respond to it in the same way that others will. The less severe a dog’s joint problems are the more likely this supplement will be to benefit them. Not everyone who has given Dasuquin to their dogs has found that it works well for them.

Another drawback of giving your dog this medication is that it could very well upset their stomach, causing nausea and even vomiting. A fairly significant number of people who have purchased this supplement for their dogs have stated that their pets vomited and/or got the runs from taking it.

Another one of the cons that may turn some people off of Dasuquin is the price. This supplement is available for around $65 for a fairly small bottle online, which to some pet owners might be a bit too costly. Since this is a medication that you will need to give to your dog long term, the cost can really add up over time.



The soft chew variety of Dasuquin contains glucosamine hydrochloride (900 mg for large dogs, 600 mg for small dogs), sodium chondroitin sulfate (350 mg for large dogs, 250 mg for small dogs), and avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), 90 mg for large dogs, 45 mg for small dogs.


The chewable tablets contain the exact same ingredients and dosage as the soft chews, except they have a different texture. All of the ingredients in this joint supplement for dogs are completely natural and therefore do not come with any adverse side-effects like other supplements you may have given your dog in the past.

The ingredients that are used in Dasuquin are perfectly safe and each of them work together to effectively minimize pain and discomfort caused by joint problems in dogs.


Soft Chews Recommended Dosage


It is important to give your dog the proper dosage so they can benefit from it as much as possible while not suffering any adverse effects whatsoever. Dasuquin is made for both small and large dogs with different ingredient dosages to cater to the needs of all different sizes.

There is usually at least a 100 mg difference when it comes to the dosage of each active ingredient that is used in this supplement for larger and smaller dogs.

For example, glucosamine hydrochloride, which is one of the ingredients in Dasuquin, is 900 mg for large dogs and 600 mg for smaller dogs.

It is absolutely imperative that you make a point of giving your dog the proper dosage so it can benefit from this supplement as much as possible.

Chewable Tablets Recommended Dosage


Dasuquin vs Cosequin

Many veterinarians suggest that their patients start their dogs on Cosequin first because of how effective it has proven to be, though they also often recommend beginning a course of Dasuquin once the Cosequin has run out.

The fact is that Dasuquin is a much newer supplement but still very effective when it comes to relieving the joint pain that dogs often get after years of wear and tear on their cartilage.

Cosequin contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine and manganese ascorbate, which have been scientifically formulated to encourage good joint health in dogs.

While not all veterinarians and other professionals agree that one of these supplements is better than the other, Cosequin has certainly been around longer and therefore established itself as a very effective supplement for dogs with joint problems.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Those who have purchased Dasuquin in the past for their dogs have written quite a few reviews online, some of which are very positive while others are more negative overall.  A number of people claim that their dogs have problems keeping the tablets down and their stomachs get very upset, which is to be expected considering some of the ingredients that are in it.

Other customers who have purchased Dasuquin for their dogs have claimed that they saw a real improvement in their overall mobility in the first 2-3 weeks after starting them on it. Many dog owners have said very positive things about this supplement because of how much it has helped their pet to get up and moving around once again.

A lot of these people say that they were recommended Dasuquin by their veterinarian and are very glad they decided to give it to their pet. Most of the people who have purchased this supplement have dogs with mild to severe arthritis/joint pain.

While there are some negative comments, most of which related to their dog’s inability to keep down the tablets, the overall results that customers have gotten from this supplement seem very positive.

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Dasuquin for Dogs Review
Dasuquin for Dogs Review
4.6 / 5

We did a lot of research on Nutramax Dasuquin and listed everything you need to know in one place. We cover dosage, ingredients, types, benefits of Dasuquin, side effects, customer reviews, and much more to help you make a good decision.