Do Maltese Like to Swim?

Maltese in pool sitting on a float

Did you ever wonder if your affectionate Maltese, the land princess was a fan of cool refreshing water?

Unlike other dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, Maltese dogs are not natural swimmers. These adorable dogs might seem energetic, but their love for the water is still doubtful. Every pet owner is puzzled with the same question, “Does my Maltese dog enjoy the water?”

Do Maltese Dogs Enjoy the Water?

Like all dog breeds in the toy group category, Maltese aren’t very fond of water. Except for an occasional and necessary bath, they don’t possess the fondness for bodies of water like pools and sea.

However, the degree of fascination with water varies from one Maltese to another. So, if you have exposed your Maltese dog to water, then they might start enjoying it.

The enjoyment level towards water might change over time, but that’s just how the Maltese dogs evolve as they mature.

As we previously mentioned, Maltese dogs aren’t natural swimmers. So, they are naturally not inclined to swim.

The Maltese dog breed of today are descendants from the beautiful isle of Malta, south of Italy. They were bred for royalty and were looked upon as healers in ancient Egypt.

So, these dogs were never really around bodies of water. This explains why Maltese don’t have the instinct to enjoy the water.

Another reason why your tiny Maltese avoids the water is because of their long fur. If the Maltese dogs go in the water, then the fur soaks up the water, making them heavy.

If you have a Maltese puppy and wish to enjoy the water with them, you should train them to swim. It’s easier to train the Maltese puppies as they can adapt faster.

Unlike their senior counterparts, Maltese puppies are very enthusiastic and easy to train. Maltese seniors can be too stubborn and set in their ways.

Why Should You Teach Your Maltese Dog to Swim?

Swimming might be an innate talent that many dogs possess. Sadly, this is not true for the Maltese breed.

While many Maltese pet owners don’t let their dogs enjoy the water because of the breed’s phobia. Introducing swimming as an activity for your dog’s health is extremely beneficial.

Let’s see some benefits of swimming for Maltese.

Keeps Your Maltese Healthy and Energetic

Maltese is a toy breed. Their cute size poses a lot of health risks like chronic joint pain.

If you encourage your Maltese dog to take up swimming, it will tone and strengthen its joints. This will make ensure that your pooch is less probable for severe health problems like arthritis.

Swimming is really good cardio and aerobic exercise for your Maltese pup. It might just end up being their favorite activity.

Refreshing During Summer

The fur and the heat do not make the best combination for happy summertime. Your Maltese might need to cool off the hot summer days by a refreshingly cool dip in the pool.

Swimming is a fun activity that can refresh and keep your Maltese cool.

Swimming is Essential for Your Maltese Dog’s Safety

Death by drowning is known as the ‘silent death.’ Several dogs die each year due to drowning.

Teaching your Maltese how to swim will train him to combat a scenario where he is accidentally in the water.

Save yourself the horror and train your Maltese how to swimming.

Swimming can potentially save your dog’s life one day.

How to Get Your Maltese to Swim

Many Maltese dogs can learn how to swim without any training. On the other hand, there are Maltese dogs who require severe training for swimming.

If your Maltese dog has a water phobia, then there is no point in training him. No matter what, these dogs might still be afraid to be in the water.

It’s important to identify if your Maltese falls into this category.

As a pet owner, if you’re enthusiastic about training your Maltese dog the ways of the water, then they will learn. With proper positive encouragement, you can transform your Maltese dog as a great swimmer.

Building a positive association of swimming in water is a first step to get the Maltese breed acquainted. This way, they will not get scared of water.

Let’s see some tips and tricks you can try to get your Maltese puppy or dog to start swimming.

Watching Other Canines Swim

Watching other dogs swim will inspire your Maltese. Your Maltese might get influenced naturally to step into the water if they see other dogs doing it.

It will boost their confidence and also make it seem like it’s an instinct to swim.

Use Treats

If you use treats while training your Maltese, then you can include them while training your pooch for swimming. You can motivate your Maltese to step into the water with the help of treats.

Get in the Water First

There’s nothing better than some good old fashioned mirroring technique.

Your Maltese dog loves you and will follow you everywhere, even in the water. So, get in the water first and encourage them to step in.

If the Maltese sees you swim around, they will be motivated to join you.

End the Training on a Positive Note

If you want your Maltese dog to keep returning to the water, then you have to showcase swimming as a fun activity.

In the name of training, you cannot overwork your dog and expect them to be thrilled for the next swimming session. Pace out your training, and don’t tire out your Maltese dog.

The end of the session determines how the Maltese dog will remember it. Ending on a positive note with a treat will make sure that your Maltese dog associates this as a fun activity.

Can Maltese Dogs Swim in the Sea?

If you have trained your Maltese dog for swimming in a pool, it can swim in the sea.

However, it’s a good practice to have your pooch wear a life vest that can keep him afloat. Many dogs might be prone to dry drowning after being tired from playing in the pool or the sea too.

Always keep your Maltese dog close to you in the water and have your eyes on them. These dogs might be small, but they have a larger than size type of personality and can stray.

As a rule of thumb, never leave your pooch unattended at the beach or near any big body of water.

How to Take Care of Your Maltese Dog After Swimming

Aftercare of your Maltese dog is central to keeping them healthy. Consider the following tips to keep your Maltese dog safe.

After Swimming in the Pool

Chlorine can be drying on your Maltese dog’s skin and fur. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly in freshwater after their swimming session.

After Swimming in Salty Water

Make sure you rinse your Maltese dog’s fur with clean water after the trip on the beach. The saltwater and harsh sunlight is not the best combination for your Maltese pet’s skin.

Make sure you clean every inch with fresh water before you leave them to chill in the shade.

To Sum Up

Maltese pooch is an ideal ‘companion’ dog. If you train them to swim, they will make excellent friends in water too!

Train your Maltese puppies at a young age, so that you can make the most out of the health benefits.

We hope you enjoy a fun swimming session with your charming Maltese dogs with all the above instructions in mind!