Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle? (7 Reasons Why)

Yorkie being held by owner

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers are tiny dogs who crave affection and attention from their masters. Compared to their size, they are jam-packed with energy and absolutely love being played with.

Do Yorkies like to cuddle? This goes without saying that these furry canines will stop at nothing to be cuddled in bed. This breed is generally very playful and friendly with humans, so don’t be surprised if you find them cuddled up with your guests.

Why Do Yorkies Inherently Like to Cuddle?

Much like the famous Golden Retriever, Yorkies are inherently loving and affectionate creatures.

Even if you’re not initiating things, they certainly know how to make you melt with their puppy dog eyes.

Most, if not all, Yorkshire Terriers exhibit a common behavior pattern where they will place their nose on your palm as a sign of demanding attention.

So the next time your Yorkie does this, be sure to pat them on the head and cuddle with them.

To Strengthen Bonds

All dogs want to form strong bonds with their owners. Whether this is through cuddles or playful behavior, they always want to feel safe and taken care of.

When it comes to their owners, Yorkies treat this as a very sacred bond. Not only do they look to their masters as a source of comfort but also as an outlet for love.

If you tend to respond to their signs of seeking attention, you will soon become their favorite. This comes with added responsibilities of always being available for your Yorkie.

To Satisfy Their Craving for Warmth

Just as humans love curling up under warm blankets on a cold night, animals tend to huddle together and keep each other warm.

Yorkies follow this same logic when cuddling up to their owners. They will tend to jump onto your lap or lay down right beside you to be closer to your body heat.

To Show That They Understand You

Yorkies are intelligent beings. Just because they always demand attention does not mean that they’re ignorant of your feelings and moods.

Whether male or female, Yorkies are generally affectionate creatures that pay attention to how their owners are feeling.

If you haven’t yet experienced this, then try observing your Yorkie’s behavior around you when you’re sick. They will tend to be more mellow rather than energetic, often placing themselves near your feet or casually licking your face.

To Relieve Stress Both Ways!

Having pets and interacting with them is scientifically known to reduce stress. In which case, having a fluffy Yorkie to come home to should be a blessing on tough days.

But wait! what if we told you that cuddling actually works to relieve stress both ways!

Yes, you heard us right, this simple act of love can rid you and your pet of all the pent-up stress.

Basically, when cuddling with your Yorkshire Terrier, make sure to show genuine signs of love, such as petting and kissing. As a result, your brain will release oxytocin which relaxes your mind and body.

When showered with love, your pet’s brain will release endorphins which help to relax and relieve stress.

They Were Bred to Be Lap Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers along with other dogs like Pomeranians and Maltese, are brought up to be lap dogs.

Other than seeking attention, these dogs tend to always follow their owners around.

This can be a problem if you’re a dog lover who doesn’t particularly like cuddling or have the time to constantly give attention.

Yorkies tend to have significant changes in energy and mood when separated from their owners.

They tend to cry and engage in disruptive behavior because of the stress from separation.

To Seek Motherly Love

Small yorkies are more likely to want to cuddle and seek affection. This is mainly because it misses the mother and siblings.

As we know, they tend to have a bad case of separation anxiety, this pushes them to seek attention and love.

When you’re training young Yorkshire Terriers, they tend to look up to you as their guardian or parent.

This causes them to come to you every time they face discomfort. As a guardian, you should encourage affectionate behavior.

To Thank Their Master

Yorkies are intelligent beings with a good set of manners. In many cases, Yorkies tend to cuddle or sit close right after eating.

This is one of their ways of showing gratitude for the food you gave them. They will also cuddle at many random times just to appreciate your presence.

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Do Yorkies Cuddle with One Person or Multiple People?

Each Yorkie has its own preferences when it comes to picking out its favorite humans.

If all your family members are affectionate towards them, then they are likely to cuddle with multiple people. In most cases, there are certain characteristics that draw Yorkies to one person.

And while they might be friendly with others, that one person receives special attention.

Matching Sleep Cycles

One of the primary indicators of whether a Yorkie considers you to be their favorite is if they end up sleeping with you.

This can happen because the dog’s sleeping cycle matches yours. Yorkies will cuddle with people who are more likely to sleep at the same time as they are.

Much like other dogs of similar breed, Yorkies love getting some shut-eye. Records show that they can even sleep for over 12 hours a day!

So if you’re someone who loves sleeping and can’t get out of bed, then you’re bound to be loved by Yorkies.

Quality of Initial Interaction

Yorkshire Terriers tend to form holy bonds with people who match their personality and energy during the first few months.

Approximately within 6 months after entering your family, Yorkies will have chosen one particular person to be their go-to source of comfort.

This initial period is very important as the dog is learning everyone’s personality traits in hopes of finding a match.

So, during this time, you want to give them all the kisses, pets, and cuddles they can possibly ask for.

Not only will this make them more sociable with other humans, but also help them feel safe and secure around your home.

Presence of Alpha Energy

The presence of alpha energy is important in order for Yorkies to understand who to follow.

Dogs have always lived in packs and learned to follow a leader. From the initial stages, you have to take on that role for your Yorkie.

Due to their conditioning, Yorkies believe that Alphas tend to be by themselves. This attitude will train them to come and seek attention from you.

This is very important if you want to train the Yorkshire Terrier’s behavior. Failure to do so might bring out dominant characteristics within them.

Dominance state refers to when the Yorkshire Terrier considers themselves to be the alpha of the house. This brings about tons of additional behavioral problems.

When they feel a sense of power, they will no longer want to cuddle or be playful. Instead, they will have a hostile attitude towards you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Yorkies clingy creatures?

They are generally clingy beings that tend to follow their owners around all the time.

However, if you limit your interactions to a few hours a day during the initial phases, their clinginess can be controlled. Try not to carry them around at all times as this encourages lazy behavior.

  1. Do Yorkies shed too much?

Yorkies don’t shed very much, which makes them perfect as sleeping partners. But be careful not to injure them by tossing and turning in your sleep.

  1. Do Yorkies enjoy being smothered?

Yorkies are energetic and affectionate creatures who love being showered with pets and kisses. So don’t feel shy about petting or cuddling with them.

  1. How to tell if my Yorkie likes me?

Yorkies will give off clear signs of love once it feels safe around someone. If a Yorkshire Terrier is fond of you, they will follow you around or get excited once you’re home.

Furthermore, they will show other signs of seeking warmth, such as cuddling with you when you’re relaxing. They might even end up staring at you with their puppy dog eyes, waiting to get a positive response.

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Final Words

So the answer to the long-running question, do Yorkies like to cuddle, is yes. This comes with conditions as you need to properly give time towards training them during the early stages.

Nonetheless, most Yorkies are highly sociable and energetic creatures that love being played with. So be sure to create a strong and love-filled bond with your Yorkie.