Top 10 Cutest Toy Dog Breeds

Papillon closeup picture

Even if our living spaces are small, like an apartment, condominium unit, or a small bungalow house, we can still have canine companions – and what a treat they would be if they were cute as well.

Here are some toy dog breeds that have been judged the cutest. Don’t be surprised, though, if many of the breeds described in this article have other uses as well.

Yorkshire terrier

As with many toy dogs, Yorkies need a lot of grooming. They are active and noisy, and can be very loyal to their masters and their adopted family. However, some Yorkies do tend to have issues with children, and may not be a good choice for a canine companion if you have young children in the house.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles are among the smartest in this category, and are conducive to being trained. They make fabulous watchdogs, too. They don’t shed, which is a good thing for people with allergies. Do buy toy poodles from reputable kennels, as the breed is can have health issues due to improper genetic lines.

Shih Tzu

Although Shih Tzus are hypoallergenic dogs because they don’t shed, they do need a lot of grooming, considering how long their hair is. They are smart and trainable, and can be by turns energetic or easygoing. However, you will need extra effort to toilet-train them.


Pugs define the thought that a dog can be so ugly that it comes out cute. The good thing is, they are naturally okay with children and other animal family members, and if introduced early will have no hostility whatsoever. Just remember that they are indoor dogs, and may need air conditioning.


Pomeranians need to be trained to curb their naturally noisy character, and thankfully, they are not so energetic that they need to be exercised frequently. Do be prepared for a lot of dog hair, as they shed a lot. This is one breed that isn’t for people allergic to dog hair.


Known as the small toy dogs with large, upright ears, Papillon dogs are perfect for apartments or condominiums, given their size. They are a devoted breed, and they love being the focus of everyone’s attention.

Miniature Pinscher

Do take note that this breed isn’t a derivation of the original Doberman pinscher, but a separate breed entirely. These dogs tend to have high energy levels, and can be adventurous and brave to the point of recklessness. They do make excellent watchdogs, and they unfortunately do not mix well with young children.


Maltese dogs are intelligent, easy to train, and have relaxed, gentle personalities. You will need time to groom them regularly, but once they are properly groomed, they look utterly gorgeous.

Italian Greyhound

This is the toy dog version of the famous greyhound breeds, and they are known as peaceful little dogs that are very clean and don’t like chaos in their lives. They don’t like small children, and they aren’t effective watchdogs. However, they are perfectly hypoallergenic.


These tiny dogs require little maintenance aside from being fed and given love and care. Chihuahuas are noisy little watchdogs, and you will have to train them not to be too aggressive. Otherwise, they might nip strangers, even if they are children.


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