5 Easily Trainable Dog Breeds

easily trained dog breeds

One of the cornerstones of human-canine relationships is the training that owners and dogs go through. It is through proper training that a dog can be properly put in context with the owner’s lifestyle, just as training also makes the owner more understanding of his or her dog’s breed characteristics and unique personality.

Training can bring the best out of this relationship, and can benefit not only the owner, but family, other pets, and other people as well.

In no particular order, here is a list of easily trainable dogs, by breed:

Labrador Retriever

Although Labradors are strong, muscular medium-build dogs bred for hunting recovery. They have a very sweet temperament, and are perfect family companions. They are extremely okay with children, and some are so even-tempered that they actually have to be protected from rough play.

They usually have no problems with other dogs if they are properly socialized, and can live with cats if they were brought up with cats around. Golden retrievers have similar characteristics, and are easy to train. Other retriever breeds vary slightly in characteristics, but all are easy to train, in general.

Doberman Pinscher

Despite all the bad Hollywood press that the breed receives, these compact, powerful dogs are built for speed and endurance, making them perfect guard dogs or watch dogs. Unfortunately, they will need focused training to be able to interact with other dogs, as they do tend to be aggressive, and it’s the same concern for cats as well.

Younger children should also not be allowed to play with them, particularly if the younger child still cannot avoid playing roughly with a dog.

Airedale terrier

Airedales are somewhat large, long legged terriers. They were bred to hunt otters. With proper training, they can be police dogs and seeing-eye dogs. They excel in being watchdogs, be it in-house or roaming outside. They are very intelligent, and are generally good with children, though younger ones should be taught that rough play is not a good idea with them.

Because of their breed, they rarely get along with cats, and their feisty nature gives them the same problem with other dogs – although early socialization and training will help them in being more accepting of other dogs

German Shepherd

Shepherds are the model dogs for training, with a very high intelligence, with some dogs possessing advanced problem-solving abilities. In fact, it’s practically necessary to have them trained, so that their natural herding personality can be reined in.

They need to be socialized early with other dogs, and it goes the same for other pets in the house. Shepherds are excellent all-around guard dogs, watchdogs, family dogs, and police dogs. Shepherds work well with children, even more so when properly socialized.

Rough Collie

Collies, by nature are herding dogs that love the outdoors, and this means that they require training to hone their intelligence. Rough collies are not the most intelligent of the collie breeds, but they are easy to train, and combined with their inherent gentle nature towards children, other dogs, and even cats, they make for a good family dog.

There may be issues if you live in a small house, condominium, or apartment, but that’s easily solved by taking them for frequent walks in the park, with playtime as well. They make excellent watchdogs.