Pamper Your Puppy With an Elegant Designer Dog Collar

You love your dog and you want to give him the best, as well as an amazing look that is trendy, stylish and exactly what celebs in every country are doing – fit them with luxury designer dog collars. Why would you use just any collar? Your dog isn’t just any dog. He’s your best friend. She’s your constant companion. Your dog deserves to be just as stylish as you are. Here are some of the top luxury collars available, from top designers all over the world.  Click on a category below to view our top picks for each category.

Diamond Dogs

If you live in the UK, you have probably seen Diamond Dog collars around the neck of your favorite celebs dog at awards shows and red carpet events. The company has been making luxury collars for over 30 years and they make high-detail collars and leashes that use the most vibrant colors, the most current styles and the most comfortable material for your dog. You might even have seen these collars featured in luxury magazines like Vogue or on the necks of Diamond Dog clients like Elton John and the Royal Family.

Charisma Medium Round Cabachon Collar

The Charisma dog collars from Diamond Dogs are each a work of art, with perfectly shaped stones set into the collar to give your dog a luxurious, one-of-a-kind look. The hardware is nickel-plated or solid brass and it features some of the best English leather and clothing hide.

With four different colors to choose from, you won’t go wrong with these dog collars. Each Artisan-selected stone is perfectly contrasted with the collar itself and your dog will look incredible wearing the Charisma collars. The color combinations are Azure on Blue, Fern on Apple Green, Sun on Mandarin and Fuchsia on Berry.

8 Row Large Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar

What about a dog collar that is simply packed with crystals to give the most luxurious look to your dog as possible. There are three different leather collars to choose from, black leather, brown leather and purple leather, all hand-dyed. These dog collars all feature clear Swarovski crystals and the Crystallized Swarovski Elements brand is well-known for the highest quality crystals it produces.

The black collar has clear crystals; the brown leather is perfectly offset with Golden Shadow, a gorgeous and rich gold, while the purple leather features a color called Aurora Borealis, which is shimmering assortment of colors that resembles that amazing phenomenon which it is named for. You can be assured of the quality and authenticity, because each one comes with an individual tag, displaying the unique specifications.

Charisma Diagonal Navette Cabachon Collar

If there was ever the perfect marrying of two colors, it would have to be turquoise and black. These two are perfect complementary colors and you can see how well they work together best in this beautiful leather collar that is offset with simulated turquoise stones in an eclectic pattern.

These simulated stones shine as brightly as actual turquoise stones and they look amazing on the English bridle leather that they are fastened to. Plus, there is a full year guarantee with this collar, so you know it is of the highest quality.

Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars

Swarovski is a company with more than a century of experience with the highest quality crystals available. Founded in 1895, this Austrian company is responsible for some of the most attractive crystal on the market today and they are found all over the globe in ever decorative product that you can think of, from jewelry to – well, to dog collars. The jewelry with Swarovski crystals are some of the most popular pieces, even among luxury jewelers and so you can bet that dog collars that are fitted with Swarovski crystals are going to be amazing works of art. Swarovski crystals are the perfect gift, even for the discerning friend with a dog, and they have new collections that come out four times a year.

4 Row Large Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar

4 row swarovski crystal collars

Perfect for smaller breeds of dogs, this crystal dog collar features stones made from the highest quality materials by one of the premier crystal companies in the world. These Swarovski crystals are clearly superior and they come in several different colors that you will find visually stunning. Since there are only four rows of crystals, this is still a slim dog collar that looks perfect on the popular small breeds like Poodles and Pomeranians.

Featuring black leather with clear Swarovski crystals, perfectly lined up as well as several other color combinations like dyed pink, blue, brown, purple and red leather, with absolutely stunning crystal colors to complement them. Just a few include pink, blue, Siam red, Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Fuchsia.

Coco Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar

This Coco dog collar adorned with Swarovski crystals is an absolute gem, no pun intended. The showcase piece is a deep, sea-green color that is as unique as it is beautiful.

With more than a dozen colors making up this collection you are sure to find the perfect combination of leather and crystal. This is a high-quality piece with each crystal secure on the collar and makes every dog look amazing.

Pink Bling Dog Collar

There is no better collar in pink than this BB Simon beautiful bling dog collar. Supple, pink leather is the surrounding material, backed by soft hide, and the collar features stones all the way around that offset the leather very nicely.

Besides that, the buckle and the strap are both adorned with the same beautiful color of the crystals with a tag showing the designer so that all of your friends will ask you where you got such a stylish collar. You’ll be the talk of the country club with designs this amazing.

Gemstone Dog Collars

When it comes to dog collars, gemstones are the perfect addition, whether they are rhinestones, semi-precious stones or crystals. Swarovski is a brand that is instantly recognizable by anyone who knows crystals, but there are also many wonderful semi-precious stone artisans who make amazing works of art that are combined with the gorgeous materials that make up modern dog collars. When you choose gemstones, you can’t go wrong, because you are sure to find the perfect style for you and your dog offset against the perfect hand-dyed leather and created by artisan designers that are not crafting stone-laden dog collars, they are creating works of art.

Gemstone Giltmore Dog Collar

What makes this gemstone-filled collar from Giltmore unique is the rainbow of colors that make it instantly draw the eye from any surrounding point. By Susan Lanci Designs, and adorned with the high-quality, sought after Swarovski crystals, this is the perfect dog collar for smaller breeds of dogs.

There are only two colors available, Wine N Roses and Black, but the real showcase is the crystals set into the collar. Three rows of the most incredible colors that you will ever see go all the way around, making this a unique and incredible collar for any dog.

Au Naturale Dog Collars

The Au Naturale collection is perfect for those who want to get down to basics. These minimally adorned collars come in several different colors and set with just a few stones that perfectly complement the leather.

Some of the combinations include black with snowflake obsidian, hunter green collar with malachite and brown leather with tiger eye.

Estate Dog Collar Collection

The Estate Dog Collar Collection features amazing black Italian leather, on the inside and many bright colors and accessories on the outside. This is 100% Italian grain, filled with the luxurious and amazing Swarovski crystals, and set with hardware that is highly-polished gold or nickel-plated (22 karats).

These handmade collars come in combinations like orange, pearl glass with gold hardware, black with black onyx stones and nickel plating, and a many more great color combinations, a dozen in all.

Designer Leather Dog Collars

The quality of the leather is definitely a consideration when it comes to dog collars. You want the highest quality material to go with the wonderful decorations like crystals, stones or more. You wouldn’t serve hand-prepared filet mignon in a Tupperware bowl, would you? The leather of the collar is just as important as the quality of the gemstones, crystals or rhinestones that are surrounding it and you can see the products below have the highest-quality leather, often hand-dyed and created with the amazing artistic creation in mind that the leather will eventually be molded into.

American Dog Collar Collection

Give your dog the most patriotic collars on the market today. This American collection is the perfect collar for Americans wishing to show their country some love. There are three colors – red, white and blue, and each one is adorned with brass stars and then set with various stones.

The stones on every collar are alternating red, white and blue and you can get a matching leash to go with your collar to take a walk on the 4th of July or anytime!

Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collar

From Auburn Leathercrafters, this gorgeous Tuscany collar collection features the most supple and luxurious leather, straight from Italy on the inside and outside, with hardware that is nickel-plated and polished to a bright sheen.

These are simple collars, but don’t think that they aren’t as high-quality as any of the other luxury collar collections. They come in colors like green, purple, royal blue, white, black, orange and even turquoise.

Black Crocodile Embossed Leather Collar

One of the most unique and stylish collars on the market is this Black Crocodile leather collar. Embossed with an actual crocodile pattern, but on black leather that shines at every angle.

This is the perfect dog collar for anyone who has a dog that they want to make into the next canine fashion icon. The hardware is nickel-plated and the buckle itself is adorned with high-quality crystals that are in perfect combination with the fine leather.

Rhinestone Dog Collars

While semi-precious stones can make for beautiful dog collars, many owners choose to go with rhinestone collars instead. There are definitely some advantages. There is a larger selection of rhinestone collars for one thing. They also may not be as valuable as semi-precious stones and crystals, but they look just as good. Rhinestone dog collars are available in many different stone types and even various colors that are designed to make your dog look like the precious pet that he or she is.

Diamond Collection Collars

If you love bright pastel collars and amazing stones, you will love these. The Diamond Collection has rhinestones or cabochons making up its outer adornment while the hardware is high-quality brass.

The leather itself is definitely one of the best features of the collection and you’ll find that they come in four great colors – red, pink, purple and green. The stones are beautifully set in small and large casings, each alternating around the collar.

Purple Diamond Collection

Autumn Flowers Collar

This is one of the most unique of the luxury dog collars are that are currently on the market. This “Autumn Flowers” collar is made of a suede-like material and is offset with a wonderful nickel-plated hardware collection.

But the great thing is that each adorning piece is designed to mimic the colors of fall. This is a soft collar that your dog will love wearing, but it is strong enough to last for a long time as well. The colors won’t fade for a long time and you can wash it easily with soap and water.

Raspberry Fields Forever

The Raspberry Fields Forever collar is made of supple, Italian leather and features beautifully colored stones in sets of three. These are Swarovski crystals, which is one of the finest crystal manufacturers in the world, paired with the best leather and created by artisans to give you and your dog a style all your own.

The crystals are shaped into hearts for a delightful look and the color is a light raspberry pink that reminds you of summer fields and sunshine-filled days in the meadow where the breeze is gentle and the flowers are in bloom.